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Sharon Manganiello

Leisure Travel Advisor

Sharon ManganielloSharon manganiello
Independent Leisure Travel Advisor


While travel has not always been my profession, it has always been my passion. After completing my education in Business Administration, I began my professional life as a school administrator working at a technical school, a four-year college, and then a school for the deaf, helping students and clients reach their professional goals and continuing education, while also raising 6 children of my own. For a while I also owned and managed a full-service salon. Through all this I never missed an opportunity to travel, exploring Italy, Paris, the Caribbean, and Hawaii with my husband and loving absolutely every moment of it. I always knew one day my passion for travel would lead me to my current profession.

Since becoming a Travel Specialist, I’ve had the opportunity to travel more extensively, and I’ve loved every moment of every country I’ve traveled to. In each destination I learn more and more which allows me to bring this knowledge and experience to you as my client. I can share the destination, experiences, culture, food, and best transportation methods with you so that when you arrive at a destination you feel comfortable and confident navigating each new place!

Being a Travel Specialist has allowed me to pursue my passion for experiencing the world. I have traveled to Italy several times (it’s my love), Greece, Austria (magical), France, London, England, Costa Rica, Germany, Amsterdam, Philippines, Jamaica, Mexico, Switzerland, and Ireland.

I truly believe there is a type of travel or destination out there for everyone, whether it be domestic or international travel, ocean cruises, or river cruises. I am passionate about planning vacations for people who want to see the world, experience and embrace different cultures, and make memories that will last a lifetime!

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