Washington, D.C.

Kimberlee Fisher

Leisure Travel Advisor

Kimberlee FisherKimberlee fisher
Independent Leisure Travel Advisor

Family / Multi-gen independent travel
Small group Travel


I have a bit of an unconventional journey when it comes to my journey to becoming the seasoned travel expert I am today. I began my foray into the travel industry while attending college at the University of Maryland, where I joined a travel agency assisting with travel plans for a presidential campaign. Despite being a chemistry major, the allure of intricate travel arrangements captured my heart, ultimately leading to my now three-decades long career as a travel professional.

Transitioning from the campaign, I ventured into the corporate travel world, specializing in law firms and associations within the Washington, DC area. I’ve been lucky to serve multiple generations of my old clientele, now booking trips for some of their grandchildren. I try to approach each trip with the dedication and personal touch that I would give to my own travel experiences.

Outside of the travel industry, my immersive experiences extend to living abroad in Jamaica for several years, exploring every parish, forging deep connections with incredible resorts and locals alike that are now like old friends. I pride myself on creating enduring relationships with valued vendors, fostering the ability to provide my clients with unparalleled care from start to finish.

My specialties include destinations such as the UK, Mexico, and the Caribbean and my expertise extends to curating special experiences like honeymoons, multigenerational trips, and small group getaways. After a remarkable 30 years in this industry, I believe that every journey is more than a vacation – it’s a meticulously crafted memory.

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