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Nancy Thompson

Leisure Travel Advisor

Nancy ThompsonNancy Thompson
Independent Leisure Travel Advisor

Africa, Europe, Israel, Egypt, Australia New Zealand, India, Sri Lanka South and Central America special interest groups.

What shapes a person’s passions? When I was approximately 4 years of age I was in Northern Michigan with my parents and saw the Northern lights. It was a magical experience I have never forgotten. My parents later migrated to Southern California and while visiting Long Beach we strolled down the docks to look at the ships. A captain of a freighter stuck up a conversation with my father and invited us onboard for lunch. Listening to his stories of adventures on the high seas and the different people and customs in each port captured my imagination and wonder lust. I was lucky to travel with my family as a child mostly domestic travel to National parks etc. As a young woman I took a job on a Television show in Caracas, Venezuela for a year. After the job ended, I took a 5 month trek around South America and a similar 4 month trek around Europe both by myself. Sleeping on trains at night if a youth hostel was full!

While raising my family we were fortunate to live and work in Israel for 4 years, and it was actually my ability to speak Hebrew that brought me into the travel industry. A woman whom I met in Israel owned an agency in Maryland. I learned how to use a computer and I was the only one in her office that was not Jewish but the only Hebrew speaker. So 18 years later I joke and say I have never met an airline seat that I didn’t like or a destination that I didn’t want to explore or research for a client. The more remote the better.

I especially enjoy taking a client’s passion and creating a memorable vacation tailored just for them. Whether it is a a multi-generation trip for grandparents to share experiences and time with their grandchildren or a special interest trip for those who enjoy activities such as bird watching, attending a cooking school and hunting.

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