Washington, D.C.

Lynne Manganiello

Leisure Travel Advisor

Lynne ManganielloLynne Manganiello
Independent Leisure Travel Advisor


It was an easy decision for Lynne to choose the world of travel following her own extensive travels throughout North America / Europe and the Caribbean, including trips to dude ranches, the Pacific Northwest, European capitals and luxury resorts throughout the Americas. Having been a Connoisseur client for over 20 years, Lynne has experienced first hand the award winning service that our customers have come to expect.

You can rest assured Lynne will dive into her research with passion in order to create that perfect vacation experience for you. If given a choice, she would rather spend hours reading the latest Conde Nast or Travel & Leisure Magazine than any other publication.

She is happiest traveling the world searching out new experiences and places so she can elevate all her clients experiences .

Having successfully raised three children, managed her own land development company, and spent 5 years as a Counselor at Penn State, her broad background only adds to her capability and enthusiasm of making your experience, the ultimate experience.

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