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Katie BuckleyKatie Buckley
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My immediate love affair with African safari experiences led me to want to help create memorable travel experiences for others, whether it be a family multi-generational safari, a romantic wedding and honeymoon experience, or creating an experience for the single traveler looking for their first safari adventure experience. I love to plan safari experiences that help to recapture the romance and ambience of a bygone era.

My career in the travel industry began in 1987 when I worked as a corporate agent. After a ten-year hiatus to focus on raising my family, I returned to my travel career in the leisure department, which suits me perfectly. Driven by my love for creating ‘wow!’ moments among families and friends while traveling, I recognize the unique bonding power of travel experiences.

My adventures have taken me around the world from Australia to Italy, Las Vegas to London, California to the Caribbean and so many places in between. My most memorable trips include Norway, Morocco and South Africa. I would describe Morocco as a beautiful blend of timeworn traditions combined with modern lifestyles. There I explored 9th century medinas and visited with artisans crafting mosaic tiles and textiles in the same manner of their ancestors. What I remember most fondly is Morocco’s peaceful and welcoming ambiance and incredible food. In contrast, Norway stands out in my memory for its stunning natural landscape, creating a feeling of stepping into a fairytale. Similarly, I loved my time in South Africa for its transformative environment where the beauty and intricacies of nature surprised and captivated me at every turn.

I count Morocco and South Africa among my specialties, which also include Costa Rica and the Galapagos Islands. The most precious souvenirs are always memories, but I love to sample and bring home chocolate from everywhere I visit. When I’m not working hard crafting dream trips for my clients, I can be found playing with my dog and dreaming up my own next travel adventure!

“I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.” – Mary Anne Radmacher

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