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Ellen Flynn

Independent Travel Advisor

Ellen Flynn ChristiansenEllen Flynn
Independent Travel Advisor

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As Miriam Beard once said, “Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living.” Like Miriam, I strongly believe in the profound impact that travel can have on people’s lives. It is the best form of education and the most humbling thing we can do, exposing us to the diversity of our world while simultaneously shining a light on all of our similarities.

As your trusted travel advisor, I seek to help you see the world with an open heart and mind, allowing each trip to transform you. I work to deepen your engagement in each destination by elevating experiences with local life. My preferred niche is Greece- I dream in blue and white. I was swept off my feet by the island of Crete over a decade ago, and fall more in love every time I return. Spain has also stolen my heart, and I enjoy planning extensive itineraries that showcase its rich historical, cultural, and natural landscape. Many destinations are best explored by sea; I delight in designing grand voyages around- and through- Europe on luxury ocean and river cruises.

My own adventures have also taken me to incredible places in Italy, Switzerland, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and the Caribbean, and my experience continues to grow as I explore new destinations as often as possible. I studied International Affairs and Geography at The George Washington University, and my knowledge endlessly expands alongside the always evolving travel industry. I proudly serve on the Advisory Committee for Signature Travel Network’s New to Industry and Training, and stay on top of destination developments and other advancements through our outstanding global network. I thrive on continually learning from international experts and collaborating with travel partners all around the world. Genuine connection is critical to me- both between myself and my clients, and as a goal for what to get out of your trip. I treasure the relationships I build with my clients and care deeply about your health, happiness, and how we can work together towards your travel goals. Whether it be an epic family adventure across Spain, a leisurely luxury Mediterranean cruise or your dream honeymoon in Santorini, I am equipped and excited to carefully craft your next unforgettable travel experience.


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