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Cori Di Trolio

Leisure Travel Advisor

Cori Di TrolioCori Di Trolio
Independent Leisure Travel Advisor

Multi-generation trips, Celebration Vacations, Family & Friends traveling together, Honeymoons - making it 'special'

My first word was ‘airplane’, I am told, so I was destined to travel from an early age.

When our own children were growing up, traveling became a part of our childrens’ education process. So much so that the travel agency we used for our trips offered me a job since I had traveled more than most of her employees! That was over twenty years ago – my how time ‘flies’.

When booking destinations all over the world with my clients, it is very significant to invest in a client relationship in the short term, a relationship that will yield long term dividends. This is why I look forward to hearing about their and their family’s different stages of life. This bonding process plays an important role in the dynamics of each trip they take and when they take it.

And for me, it is most enjoyable when personally experiencing my own travel experiences. For example, when recently in Italy, not only did I enjoy delicious pastas and wines, but I sought to visit Italys’ Parmesano – Reggiano cheese and prosciutto factories and then spend a day in the private home of an Italian cook learning how to make homemade pasta the real Italian way! Another time, we went fishing down the Amazon River, then had the chef on our cruise ship prepare our catch for lunch! The most recent memory was in Botswana as we were riding in a jeep and the driver slammed on his brakes just as a parade of elephants chose to cross the road while a leopard was perched dangling from the tree above.

Often I receive requests from clients to travel with them in small group settings to exotic destinations. This I will do as well as host groups on cruise lines. If you would like to be notified of our upcoming group trips, please contact me and I will add you to the Cori’s Travels List.

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