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Sue Michailidis

Caribbean, Hawaii, Honeymoons,
Mexico, South Pacific

My love for travel has always been a part of who I am - it's lead me to live in such far flung places as New Orleans, San Francisco, Maui & now happily settled in Maryland!

In 2001, I started helping others with their trips-of-a-lifetime. At that time, I was living on the beautiful island of Maui, and was lucky enough to travel throughout the South Pacific: visiting islands throughout the South Pacific including Fiji, Tahiti & Hawaii. Now that I'm with Connoisseur Travel, my specialties have moved from the South Pacific to include Europe and beyond.

Be it a bike ride through Tuscany, honeymoon on a Caribbean shore, or family vacation to Hawaii-I'm here to help make your travel dreams come true!

“My love for travel has always been a part of who I am.”