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Melissa Taylor

Certified Travel Counselor, Aruba Certified Expert, Platinum Sandals Agent, Jamaica Expert, St Lucia Expert

My love of travel started when I took my first unaccompanied flight at age 12 to visit a friend. I was given a pair of wings (in the form of a pin) to wear and thought I was something! Years later, I was hired by USAirways straight out of travel school where I spent a little over a year as a flight attendant learning all about planes. I loved the responsibility but also loved flying around to visit different destinations on my free days. From that experience, I was offered a position as a vacation consultant and never looked back. My license plate reads "TYM2RLX" and my favorite type of vacation to plan is the luxurious all-inclusive resort. My goal is to spoil my clients rotten beginning with the first contact. We all work hard; so why shouldn't we play hard without thinking about how much to budget for an evening show, snorkeling trip, a drink, or a celebratory meal.

Over a quarter of a century later, I can honestly say that I love my growing career more and more each year! I feel my life is richer and more rewarding with every destination wedding, Anniversary celebration, family reunion, spa or golf trip I organize. My trips to the Caribbean always include a discussion with the staff so I can come back with real expectations for my clients. I feel that my continued relationships with General Managers, Sales Managers and staff members help from the minute my clients arrive at the resort. A quick call or e-mail to let my friends know you are on your way down for a visit will have unexpected VIP services awaiting your arrival.

When you are ready to get away to recharge your batteries, I will help you find the perfect destination!

“When you are ready to get away to recharge your batteries, I will help you find the perfect destination!”