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Clo Trimble

Germany, Austria, Switzerland,
Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, France, Spain,
Italy, Greek Islands, Luxury Trains,
Cruises-Ocean and River

Specializing in leisure travel for over 25 years and certified as a Cruise Professional by CLIA (Cruise Lines International Association) sponsored seminars on ocean and river cruises. Clo has made literally hundreds of trips to Europe and the British Isles as well as flown and/or sailed over many seas to six continents. Through course load study and intense seminars in host countries, Clo is a certified Travel Specialist for tourist boards of several different European countries. She has put together individual and group trips and cruises for the US, Europe, South America, Australia, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean.

Prior to becoming a travel consultant, Clo was a fashion buyer - traveling to markets in the US, Europe and Asia.

A note from Clo - "I love the adventure of travel - all the historical and cultural aspects - discovering new everything - places - people - sights - sounds - music - food and wine. As a travel consultant, I share these accumulated years of traveling with my clients when I plan their trips. I utilize the flexibility and economies of a large volume agency with first-hand knowledge and experience to provide my clients with personalized service and the very best travel planning - to send them out to explore this wide wonderful world!"

"The world is a book - and those who do not travel read only one page"- St. Augustine.

“As a travel consultant, I share years of traveling with my clients when I plan their trips.”