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Beryl DeCarion

Beryl DeCarion

Africa, Australia, Europe, Ireland, New Zealand, Ski Trips, South & Central America, USA/Canada

My passion for travel began the at age 4 when I dipped my toes into the icy clear water of Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park and I was convinced there was no more beautiful place on Earth! From that moment I have been fortunate that my travels have taken me to the bustling, cultural cities of Europe and Asia, down the awesome, mystical River Nile, across the green hills of Ireland, into the mountains of Peru, New Zealand, Alaska and Tibet, across the Great Plains of the USA, Canada and Tanzania's Serengeti. I've taken a train across China, a gondola in Venice, a helicopter onto the glaciers of Mt. Cook, the zip line in Costa Rica, a boat down the Seine, an elephant in the jungle of Nepal and a horse around the Ring of Kerry in Ireland. I've stayed in hotels of all sorts, mountain top chalets, cabins on a cruise, villas and castles. There is so much to see and experience; so many people to meet!

35 years in the Travel Industry hasn't diminished my wonder or interest in the diversity and beauty of our world. It is one fabulous place after another; one interesting person leading to another and after 33 years in an airline career that allowed me the freedom to experience this world, I'm ready to help others launch their own explorations. Doctor Seuss has that wonderful book "Oh the Places You Will Go!" and whether it's an experience on your bucket list or a picture you've seen in a magazine there is no time like NOW to dip your toes! I still have one more continent to see and I'm reading a book about Ernest Shackleton (hint!) - How about you?

“I’m ready to help others launch their own explorations.”