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Jennifer McFaden

Leisure Travel Advisor

Jennifer McFaddenJennifer McFaden
Laisure Travel Advisor


Caribbean - Platinum Sandals Advisor
Cruises - River and Ocean
Rail Travel - Rocky Mountaineer

Australia / New Zealand

I began my career in travel at the age of 11 when my family moved from Texas to Virginia. I didn’t know then that I was starting a career; only that I was completely in love with going to new places and seeing new things. My family vacationed a lot. It started out with trips in the U.S. and grew into trips to Europe. Everywhere we went, we met amazing people and ate incredible food. I was hooked!

After marrying my husband, he quickly realized we weren’t going to sit at home very much. We’ve been in places where all five of your senses come alive. We’ve felt the rumble of Volcan Arenal in Costa Rica, heard the calving of glaciers in Alaska, seen a herd of sheep stop traffic in Scotland, tasted poi at a luau in Hawaii, and been lured by the aroma of meat patties all over the Caribbean.

Since experiencing all these things, I decided that I needed to turn this passionate hobby of mine into a career. I realized that once you travel, you have the tools to help others go where you’ve been. I am a Platinum Certified Sandals Specialist, a Destination Wedding Specialist, and a River Cruise Specialist.

I’ve been all over the U.S. including Alaska & Hawaii, to Costa Rica, Belize, Mexico, nearly a dozen islands in the Caribbean, Scotland, Iceland, and from Western Europe to Eastern Europe on river cruises. I am ready to share my experiences with you and help you find your very own epically curated vacation!

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