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The preferred travel partner of the Hanlon Group, Connoisseur Travel, will be assisting you with your upcoming travel arrangements. Please complete the travel request form below and one of our Corporate Travel Specialists will reach out to you directly to offer assistance. If you have questions about the form or would like to speak with a Corporate Travel Specialists, please contact Ms. Kara Easton, Mr. Tracy Smith, or Ms. Tammy Araneda at (202) 318-6024 or via email at hanlongroup@ctltd.com between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm EST and inform them you will be traveling on behalf of the Hanlon Group.

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  • Hanlon Group Staff Members If you are a Hanlon Group staff member and you have established a travel profile with Connoisseur Travel, please complete the fields marked with an * in section 1. Hanlon Group employees who have NOT completed their travel profiles are required to complete all fields in the below section. Non-Hanlon Group Employees & Volunteers For all non-Hanlon Group Employees including volunteers, the below information is required. Regardless if you have traveled in the past for Strategic Capacity Group business.
  • Legal Name exactly as shown on valid passport, driver's license, or other ID allowed for travel.

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