Details matter, especially when you are traveling for business. We deliver convenience, consistency, and customized service every time. Whether you are a company of one or a company of 10,000, we are here to support you in all your travel needs, enabling your travelers to focus on your core business.

Our philosophy is that a lower cost of travel is achieved through a smooth travel experience. Since 1988, our highly professional travel specialists have been meeting our clients’ travel needs with efficient and personal attention. From the moment travelers leave home until the moment they return, Connoisseur Travel is your one-stop resource.

Whether your company spends a little or a lot on travel, Connoisseur Travel is here to assist. We serve corporations, associations, and foundations all over the world in industries including law, consulting, financial management, non-profit, government, education, medicine, and public relations.

Our clients are at ease knowing we do not offer cookie-cutter solutions to their needs; one of the benefits of establishing a partnership with Connoisseur Travel is that we develop a travel program for each of our clients that is customized to the needs of their organization, their travelers, and their travel-related goals. In consultation with our clients, we custom-tailor a program that provides true value to the organization as well as the travelers.

When developing a custom travel program for our clients, we look at three major pillars of service that individually play a critical role, but taken together affect the success of every company’s travel program: the organization, the traveler, and the traveler’s support team.

We serve the needs of our clients using a one-on-one, proactive, and creative approach. Our service philosophy has remained consistent throughout the years; a lower cost of travel is achieved through a smooth travel experience.

While we have the best technology in the industry today, the most important aspect of delivering quality service to our clients is having a dedicated team of caring individuals that work with our clients to make their travel programs a success. Connoisseur Travel doesn’t believe in the “call center” model to arranging travel. Our travel specialists establish close, long-term relationships with our clients, developing extensive knowledge of each traveler and the needs of the organization.

With all of our custom travel programs, our clients experience the hallmarks of our service approach: personal attention, immediate response, flexibility, and value, with a simple flat-rate service fee for easy transparency.

You can be at ease knowing you have Connoisseur Travel as a travel partner and can focus on what matters most to your business. Isn’t it time to upgrade your expectations?