Window Seat

July 2021

Missing one of my favorite places in the world- the window seat. The excitement and anticipation of discovering a new place juxtaposed with the discomfort and stress of an overseas flight where I probably wouldn’t catch a wink of sleep. A metaphor for life in many ways: we are all on a journey, anxiously looking ahead to the next thing and just trying to buckle down and make it through today. But pick your head up and look out the window and see how much beauty there is in this moment. If you don’t, you’ll miss a million little miracles happening all around you, just like this one. Fleeting and faint, but all the more magical because of its brevity.

I usually spend long flights pouring over maps of my next destination, reviewing my itinerary, brushing up on my language skills, and maybe, just maybe, indulging in an in-flight movie. But between all of that, I am endlessly interrupted with long looks into the ever-changing view of the atmosphere. Like every last gaze at the one you love, you just can’t get enough.

Window Seat Rainbow

I don’t recall exactly where I was going on this particular flight- maybe Greece, maybe Spain- but I remember the sheer joy of getting this shot. Joy, in part, because I captured such an ephemeral phenomenon, but mostly because I wasn’t too busy with my head down and headphones in to miss it.

Wherever you’re going, look up and appreciate the view. Spend a little more time with your eyes on the heavens and you’ll be amazed at how much more you see.

-Ellen Flynn
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