Whether it be creating a travel program to gain basic understanding of travel spend or fine-tuning your travel policies to maximize your organizations return-on-investment; a partnership with Connoisseur Travel is a true asset and resource.

With our monthly, quarterly, and annual executive reports you will have a gauge on how your travel program is performing. With such information you’ll be informed of key elements and know when to make changes to your policy, traveler behavior, and more.

Being in the know about your travel program and the travel spend is important information for any executive. This is why Connoisseur Travel includes access for all of our clients to our web-based management reporting tool that includes a library of more than 120 pre-defined travel reports including executive summaries, traveler activity, financial reconciliation, cost savings reports, arrival/departure manifests, and many more.

On top of our in-depth reporting capabilities, Connoisseur Travel provides on going executive reports on a monthly, quarterly, and annual bases to key decision makers and executives about their travel program. These executive reports provide a high-level snap shot of the who, what, and where for your travel program so you can continue to have the information needed when making short and long term decisions. Need customized reporting? Not a problem, these executive reports can also be filtered by client specific codes/data points for department heads or other mid-level leaders within your organization based on your organization’s specific needs.

You can focus on the day to day of your business as your Connoisseur Travel account manager looks over your travel program for you. We keep informed of industry trends, new offerings, and the next big thing regarding travel so you can make informed decisions that would have a positive impact on your travel program. Your account manager provides critical consulting throughout our partnership to ensure you can achieve your organizations short- and long-term goals.

Connoisseur Travel provides comprehensive professional group travel planning and management services for groups and conferences of any size. From venue sourcing to onsite logistics our experienced group travel experts tailor your event based upon your group needs and expectations while meeting your travel budget and reporting requirements. We provide our clients peace-of-mind so they can focus on the agenda at hand.

Incorporate your company expense tool directly into your travel program; returning your travelers and travel arrangers valuable time during the expense process. In addition to integrating directly into your expense tool; Connoisseur Travel can collect critical company specific information related to each trip and provided it right on your invoices and via detailed reporting. Such company specific information could include client names, project or matter codes, and department codes just to name a few.

The next generation of secure travel payments is here. With a virtual payment solution our clients can be at ease knowing they have an on-demand, single-use credit card number at the point of sale to allow travelers to securely purchase trips without the need for a corporate issued charge card, cash advances, or personal credit cards. This provides a view of total spend, a way to ensure user-booked trips are direct billed, and the ability to reconcile payment and booking information in configured reports, and extra purchasing security by virtually eliminating credit card fraud.

Mishaps and accidents can and do happen while traveling for business; be protected from the unexpected as an organization. Travel insurance is designed to protect your organization financially from the basics of lost baggage all the way to costly medical bills. Connoisseur Travel offers many plans to fit the needs and budget of our clients; whether it be an annual coverage plan for the organization or a per trip, per employee need you can be at ease knowing Connoisseur Travel can set your organization and your traveler’s up for success.

Know who and how to use your resources to support your employees during an emergency situation. Connoisseur Travel provides duty of care capabilities such as security alerts, traveler tracking, and two-way communication with travelers to determine traveler status and need for assistance during an emergency situation around the global. This tool works directly with your emergency response provider to ensure resources are directed to the correct employees during a crisis situation.