Connoisseur Travel provides comprehensive professional group travel planning and management services for groups and conferences of any size. From venue sourcing to onsite logistics our experienced group travel experts tailor your event based upon your group needs and expectations while meeting your travel budget and reporting requirements. We provide our clients peace-of-mind so they can focus on the agenda at hand.

Whether it be a staff meeting for 10 or an annual conference for 5,000; Connoisseur Travel looks at every meeting the same; How can we assist YOU, our client? Our Group Travel Specialists take the time to understand the needs, wants, and requirements of each of our clients meetings and keeps this information top of mind as they work on their behalf. We rewarded our Group Travel Specialists based on the achievement of the events they assist with and in return they continued to be invested in your events success every step of the way.

Each of our clients events go through our custom group and meeting program where our Group Travel Specialists are consistently consulting, negotiate, and reviewing the best course of action for each client’s specific meeting needs. Whether it be sourcing a hotel room block or planning the complexity of your annual sales conference, Connoisseur Travel is here to assist.