One of our guiding principles is to be easy to do business with.  We believe that technology should solve problems, not create them.  With our industry-leading suite of products, Connoisseur Travel remains on the forefront of developing technologies and creating new trends to ensure your travel program works for your travelers.  We continually enhance our systems to streamline the user experience, allowing travel management to be personalized, easier, and more efficient.  Whether it is a mobile app, user friendly self-service online booking tool (OBT), or a simplified trip approval process, we have a solution for you.

Introducing Zeno, our newest partner in technology.

Connoisseur Travel offers the first online travel platform that delivers traveler satisfaction, cost control and travel policy compliance.

Zeno, Connoisseur Travel’s online booking tool, offers a broad range of travel content from multiple suppliers and automatically displays the best priced options that work within your organization policy, all while focusing on the travelers’ personal preferences.  Zeno is a configurable system to each customer’s unique specifications, including detailed travel policy parameters, preferred suppliers, and custom messaging.  This can include offering low-cost carrier options, ensuring that travelers can make the best travel choices to support company-preferred supplier agreements and maximize cost savings.

Smart Travel Booking: Until now, corporate travel has been a struggle between control and compliance for the travel manager/organization, or freedom and choice for the traveler. Someone had to compromise.  Not anymore.  With Zeno, everybody wins. No more compromise.

Zeno was specifically built to solve the challenges of corporate travel managers:

· 60% of travel managers list cost control as a top priority
· 47% of travel managers cite compliance as a major challenge
· 31% say that traveler satisfaction is key to a successful corporate travel program

From searching, booking, and approval to the travel experience itself – Zeno makes every step of the journey easier, for everyone.

Personalized Travel:  Zeno learns traveler preferences via its built-in artificial intelligence program and recommends itineraries that are tailored to them.  From airline seats to hotels and ground transportation options, Zeno is always in step with the traveler’s needs, driving adoption and reducing out-of-policy bookings.

Seamless Compliance:  Know who is where at any time to better comply with duty of care, and drive down total program spend with integrated approval workflows, intelligent shortlist options, and access to negotiated rates that encourage best rate buying policy adherence.

End-to-end Itineraries:  Zeno keeps travelers connected with your suppliers and preferred partners around the globe from pick-up to drop-off. Travel managers and organizations can customize the “marketplace” to preferred vendors in each category, making life on the road easier for travelers and maximizing corporate negotiated rate value.

Simple to use yet powerful mobile app:  Zeno’s native mobile app is free to download on iOS or Android and lets travelers book and manage their travel wherever they want, whenever they want.  With bookings at the tap of the screen, detailed itineraries, and real-time alerts, Zeno Mobile keeps travelers in the know and minimizes the disruption that so frequently comes with corporate travel.

Frictionless approval workflows:  Streamlining travel planning and right-to-travel approval workflows, Zeno eliminates the need for email approvals, significantly reducing the travel related administration overhead and ensuring every trip is in line with policy.

Ask Zeno chatbot:  Zeno’s chatbot booking engine makes our intuitive interface even easier to use, eliminating the need for user training and ensuring travelers hit the ground running. Making a travel booking will become as simple as saying or typing “Zeno, book my trip”.

Integrated Travel & Expense:  Zeno’s integrated expense functionality and integration with common finance applications makes it easy to capture and process all expenses on the go. No more dreaded expense claims when your travelers return.


Fly:  Book and manage your entire organization’s domestic and international travel in one place.

Stay:  Intelligent hotel recommendations based on traveler preferences and best negotiated or market rates.

Move:  Ground transport options to keep your people moving, from pick-up to drop-off.

Eat:  Capture and process every payment on the go and make expense reconciliation a breeze.

Work:  Change bookings on the fly so the focus is on work, not the itinerary.

Play:  Make the most of traveler downtime and explore destinations like a local.

Rest:  Comply with duty-of-care obligations and maximize employee wellness.

The mobile app that takes business travel further

Bookings at the tap of a screen:  It’s now easier than ever for travelers to book their entire trip, from anywhere. With Zeno Mobile, they can simply select their destination of choice, travel dates, and preferred arrival and departure times in a matter of seconds.

A complete itinerary is recommended on-screen based on traveler preferences and booking history, while aligning this with company policy and preferred suppliers.  Flight information is enriched with Routehappy data to help travelers make informed decisions, and to offer a next-level online booking experience.

Accessible, detailed itineraries: Complete itineraries can be accessed offline to ensure travelers get the information they need, even while on the go.  Once on line, travelers can name upcoming trips and drill into details such as their baggage allowance, seat legroom, or meals—and easily set meal preferences or request a seat via Zeno Mobile.

For any queries, or in the event of an itinerary change, Connoisseur Travel’s travel advisors can be contacted directly from the app.

Keeps travelers in the know:  From booking to returning home, travelers are kept up to date each step of the way.  Once a journey is booked, Zeno mobile will send updates on its approval status—while approvers can be contacted from the app for pending items.

Travelers receive alerts for flight delays, cancelations or gate changes, and are prompted to contact their dedicated travel advisors where needed.  What’s more, they’ll receive online check-in reminders, prompts to leave for the airport, and alerts when they’re headed to the wrong airport based on GPS location.

Real-time Travel Concierge: Zeno Mobile’s Travel Concierge is a real-time travel assistant that activates 24 hours prior to a flight, presenting vital information along the journey as needed.  To keep travelers prepared, it surfaces a 5-day weather forecast and CitySafe rating—with further details about the area—for their upcoming travel destination.

The Travel Concierge on-time calculator determines when a person should leave for the airport based on GPS location, local traffic, and the traveler’s arrival time preferences.

Minimizes disruption:  With travel comes disruption — flight delays, gate changes, missed stopovers, lost luggage, and all the other “fun” surprises.  Zeno Mobile was designed with this in mind, to bring critical information front and center and keep travelers connected every step of the way.  With real-time alerts, travelers can easily stay on top of  sudden changes and contact their travel advisors directly from the app when things go wrong.

Better yet, travelers can reduce further stress by keeping tabs on their luggage as soon as they get off the plane.  Zeno Mobile’s bag locator uses Bluetooth beacons to track one or more bag locations, and exact distance when in range.

Better travel by design:  Say hello to happier travelers with the mobile app that thinks ahead for them. Free to download on iOS and Android, Zeno’s native mobile app brings all the enjoyment and ease of leisure travel—while supporting travel managers in their duty of care, delivery of cost control, and corporate policy compliance.


Maximize your understanding of your travel program.  Connoisseur Travel offers a web-based management reporting tool that includes a library of more than 120 pre-defined travel reports; whether you want executive summaries or need to analyze your overall travel spend by drilling down into more detailed reports, our intuitive reports allow you to easily view top market pairs, financial reconciliation, air activity by division, top travelers, hotel detail by property, arrival/departure manifests and more.

In addition to our standard report library, Connoisseur Travel has the ability to tailor custom reports based on the needs of each of our clients.  Within such custom reports, we can record an unlimited number of client specific codes/data points, which then can be used as filter criteria for each report (such as project codes, departments, divisions, and client and matter number).  Customizable reporting allows you to tell the story you want, the way you want it.

As the demand for data around travel spend rises, organizations can expect more from their travel partner to assist with capturing such data.  Connoisseur Travel’s custom travel programs offer our clients the flexibility to capture data that is relevant to their organization, using quality control technology to ensure such information is collected every time.

Frictionless approval workflows:  Streamlining travel planning and right-to-travel approval workflows, our Connoisseur Travel Trip Approval tool eliminates the need for email approvals, significantly reducing the travel-related administration overhead and ensuring that every trip complies with your company’s policy.

All unused tickets and credits are intelligently tracked from the moment they’re issued until the moment they’re used or exchanged.  Unused ticket credits are automatically stored in the traveler’s profile.  They can be applied when booking online and are always visible to our corporate advisor team.  Powerful 30/60/90–day expiration notifications can be emailed to travelers or travel arrangers.  Choose from daily, weekly, or monthly reports for the entire company, specific business unit, or even individual traveler.  The options are endless.