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Ellen Flynn

Europe, Luxury Cruising, Authentic Experiences, Sustainable Travel

As Miriam Beard once said, "Travel is more than the seeing of sights; it is a change that goes on, deep and permanent, in the ideas of living." Like Miriam, I strongly believe in the profound impact that travel can have in people's lives. As your trusted travel consultant, I seek to inspire and help you to see the world and be transformed through travel. My current specialties include cultural travel in Europe and luxury cruising, and I have a keen interest in authentic experiences and sustainable travel.

My own travels have taken me to incredible places in Spain, Italy, Greece, Ireland, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Guatemala, Aruba and the Caribbean, and my experience continues to grow as I explore new destinations as often as possible. I studied International Affairs and Geography at the George Washington University and my knowledge constantly grows alongside the ever-changing travel industry. I love collaborating and learning from other Signature travel consultants in the Signature Young Advisor Community (YAC) and currently serve on the YAC Steering Committee. Whether it be a short weekend away, a leisurely Caribbean cruise, an activity-packed itinerary across Europe, or a once in a lifetime safari adventure in Africa, I'm ready and excited to help you plan and customize your next travel experience!

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“I strongly believe in the profound impact that travel can have in people's lives.”